Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps

The quantity of snaps you have sent and received is reflected in your Snapchat score, which is a numeric value. Your friends can view it because it’s posted on your profile. Many individuals want to know if they can increase their Snapchat score without ever opening a snap.

The quick answer is no, opening snaps is not necessary to increase your Snapchat score. If you don’t open the snaps you receive, your score won’t rise because it only rises when you give and receive snaps.

Your “unopened snaps” count is automatically increased whenever you receive a snap. The snap will remain in this count if you don’t open it, therefore your score won’t go up. However, if you open the snap, it will no longer count toward the number of unopened snaps you have, and your score will rise by one.

Snapchat tracks your behaviour on the app using your score. Your score will increase as you send and receive more photos. Some people are competitive when it comes to their Snapchat scores and strive to get the highest possible number. Others only take pleasure in watching their score rise as a result of their consistent snap action.

In conclusion, opening snaps is necessary for your Snapchat score to increase. Sending and receiving snaps and making sure to open received snaps are both required if you want to raise your score. You can only do this to raise your Snapchat score.

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