What Does Followed By Mean On Instagram

When referring to a person who is following another user on Instagram, the word “followed by” is used. This expression is frequently used in post captions or comments and can be used by users to thank or recognise Instagram followers they follow.

For instance, if a user called “Samantha” is following a user named “Alex,” they can add a caption on one of their posts that reads, “followed by @alex.” By doing so, they would let their followers know that they are following Alex on Instagram, which would inspire other people to do the same.

A user can follow a group of Instagram users by using the phrase “followed by” in a broader sense to denote this. To show that they are following several excellent photographers on the network, a user may use the caption “followed by some amazing photographers,” for instance.

Generally speaking, the term “followed by” on Instagram is used to denote that one person is following another user on the social media site. Persons may use it as a means of praising or recognising the users they are following, as well as to persuade other users to do the same.

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