What Does FT Mean In Soccer

“FT” stands for “Full Time” in soccer. This phrase refers to the end of a soccer match, at which point the result is recorded and the game is deemed over.

A halftime break usually separates the two halves of play in a soccer game. The referee blows their whistle to signal the end of the second half, and a board is displayed showing how many minutes of stoppage time will be added to the clock. The game is deemed to be over and the result is recorded as the final score once this period of time has passed and the final whistle has been blown.

When referring to a match’s final score, “FT” may occasionally also be used, as in “The final score was 3-1 FT.” This is frequently employed in news articles, online posts, and other situations where a succinct summary of the game’s outcome is required.

Overall, the soccer abbreviation “FT” is frequently used to denote the conclusion of a game and the final score. Understanding the meaning of “FT” can assist you in staying current on the most recent soccer news and scores, whether you’re watching a live game or keeping track of the results online.

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