7 Shows Like Good Trouble

If you enjoyed the television programme “Good Trouble,” chances are you’re constantly searching for new programmes that offer a comparable balance of drama, romance, and social commentary. Here are seven programmes similar to “Good Trouble” that are unquestionably worth watching:

The lives of a multi-ethnic family are followed in the highly acclaimed drama “The Fosters” as they deal with the difficulties of raising teenagers and their own personal troubles. “The Fosters” covers delicate subjects including LGBTQ rights, adoption, and mental health, much like “Good Trouble.”

The long-running medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” focuses on the personal and professional lives of a group of surgeons working in a fictitious Seattle hospital. Although the show focuses mostly on medical cases, it also addresses significant issues including racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

The legal thriller “How to Get Away with Murder” follows a group of law students and their professor of criminal defence as they become involved in a murder conspiracy. Along with the main plot’s unexpected turns, the show also addresses issues of racism, sexuality, and power relations.

The lives of three young women who work at a fictional women’s magazine in New York City are chronicled in the television programme “The Bold Type.” They deal with significant concerns including body image, sexual assault, and women’s rights as they navigate their occupations and interpersonal relationships.

Comedy sitcom “Black-ish” depicts an upper middle-class black family as they struggle to preserve their ethnic identity while residing in a largely white area. The programme examines a wide range of subjects, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, interracial relationships, and police brutality.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a comedy series that depicts the daily activities of the detectives in a fictitious Brooklyn police department. Although the comedy and the characters are the show’s main attractions, it also tackles significant problems like racial profiling, homophobia, and police corruption.

The comedy-drama series “Jane the Virgin” centres on a young Latina woman who unintentionally uses artificial insemination and conceives. Along with addressing topics like immigration, reproductive rights, and sexual assault, the show also examines themes of family, love, and ethnic identity.

In conclusion, if you enjoy “Good Trouble,” you should absolutely check out these seven shows. They will keep you amused for several hours and offer a similar blend of drama, romance, and social commentary.

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