How To Hide The Chat On TikTok Live

On the well-known social media site TikTok, users may make and share brief films with their followers. The platform’s capacity to go live and engage viewers in real-time conversation is one of its strengths. While conducting live broadcasts, some users might choose to have the chat section hidden.

A TikTok live broadcast can benefit from having the conversation hidden for a number of reasons. If a person is doing a tutorial or presentation, for instance, they might wish to draw viewers’ attention to the video itself rather than the discussion. Hiding the discussion can also eliminate potential interruptions and improve audience engagement.

Users on TikTok can quickly swipe left on their screen while they are live to conceal the chat. The chat feature will then appear, and users can choose to conceal it by tapping the “hidden” button at the bottom of the screen. By doing this, the chat will be hidden and viewers won’t be able to message during the live broadcast.

Users can swipe left on their screen and select the “show” option at the bottom of the screen to bring up the chat once more during their live broadcast. By doing this, the conversation will resume and viewers will be able to send messages once more.

In general, users who want to direct their viewers’ attention to their video content on TikTok may find the ability to hide the chat during a live broadcast to be a valuable feature. Users can improve real-time interaction with their audience and create a more immersive and engaging experience for their viewers by hiding the chat.

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