How To Turn Off Typing Notifications On Snapchat

Users of Snapchat may see when their friends are typing messages to them thanks to a feature called typing alerts. On Snapchat, when someone is writing you a message, their name will be displayed at the top of the chat screen with a tiny symbol next to it, and the chat screen will also show the message “typing…”

Snapchat’s typing notifications can be turned off simply turning off the app’s notifications on your mobile device. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

On your device, launch the “Settings” app and select “Notifications.”

The “Snapchat” app can be found in the list of apps by scrolling down.

To disable notifications for the “Snapchat” app, touch on the app and then “Allow Notifications.”

As an alternative, you can disable Snapchat’s “Show Typing Indicator” setting to turn off typing notifications. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Tap the profile symbol in the top-left corner of the Snapchat app after it is open.

To access the app’s settings, tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Click “Additional Services” after scrolling down.

Select “Typing Indicator” from the “Chat” menu, then deactivate the “Show Typing Indicator” checkbox.

Finally, you may disable Snapchat’s typing alerts by turning off the app’s notifications on your smartphone or by selecting the “Show Typing Indicator” option in the settings menu. When your friends are typing a message to you, the app won’t display the “typing…” message or the tiny icon next to their names.

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