What Does FT Mean On YouTube

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, you might have noticed that some videos’ titles or descriptions contain the abbreviation “FT.” What does it mean, though?

On YouTube, “FT” typically refers to “Full Time.” This phrase is frequently used to describe content producers who regularly create videos and earn a living through their YouTube channel. Because they invest a lot of time and energy into their channel and depend on it as their main source of income, these creators may be regarded as “full time.”

The term “FT” can also stand for “Full Time Family,” though. Some YouTubers who concentrate on family-focused content and chronicle their daily lives use this term. These content producers could post videos on relationships, parenting, family life, and other family-related subjects.

The term “FT” can also refer to a partnership between two or more YouTube creators in addition to these two meanings. The word “Featuring” in this context denotes that various creators contributed to the creation of the video.

Overall, depending on the context in which it is used, “FT” on YouTube can have different meanings. However, it is frequently linked to content producers who regularly release videos and earn a living from their channel or those who prioritise family-friendly content. Therefore, if you see “FT” in the title or description of a YouTube video, it probably refers to one of these two subcategories.

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