How Do You Say Owl In Spanish

In Spanish, you would say “bho” to pronounce “owl.” The word “owl” is used in the same way in both languages as this literal translation.

A bird belonging to the Strigiformes order is referred to by the term “bho.” There are numerous owl species in this group of birds, ranging in size from small, stealthy owls to enormous, magnificent owls.

The Latin word “bubo,” which means “owl,” is the source of the Spanish word “bho.” It is believed that the Eurasian eagle-owl, a particular species of owl renowned for its enormous size and intimidating look, was the initial subject of the term.

There are a few more terms in Spanish than “bho” that can be used to describe an owl. For instance, you could say “tecolote” to describe a common, or Western, screech-owl, or “lechuza” to describe a barn owl.

In conclusion, the Spanish word for “owl” is “bho.” The word is used in the same way as it does in English when translated directly.

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