How To Say Brother In Italian

The Italian word for “brother” is “fratello.” This is how the term “brother” would be used in English if it were directly translated.

The noun “fratello” is used to refer to a male sibling in Italian. The bond between two brothers or the bond between a brother and a sister is described using this phrase.

The Latin word “frater,” which meaning “brother,” is the source of the English term “fratello.” The term is believed to have first been applied to members of monastic orders who were regarded as brothers in spirit even though they were not biological relatives.

There are a few more Italian terms that can be used in addition to “fratello” to describe a brother. For instance, “fratellone” or “fratellino” could be used to describe an older or younger sibling, respectively.

In conclusion, the Italian word for “brother” is “fratello.” The word is used in the same way as it does in English when translated directly.

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