When You Unfriend Someone On Snapchat Do The Messages Delete

The messages you have sent and received on Snapchat will not be deleted when you unfriend someone. Instead, they will still be present in your and the friend you unfriended’s chat history.

On Snapchat, unfriending someone just means removing them from your list of friends. This implies that you won’t be able to access their snaps or communicate them on the app anymore. However, the chat history will still contain any messages you’ve already sent to them.

In addition, unless they choose to deactivate the chat or their Snapchat account, the person you unfriended will still be able to see the messages you have sent to them.

Therefore, the messages you have sent and received on Snapchat will not be deleted when you unfriend someone. Unless the person you unfriended chooses to delete the chat or their Snapchat account, the messages will still be available in the chat history between you and the person you unfriended.

Snapchat Unfriending: What happens to messages?

You can no longer send or receive messages from someone you’ve unfriended on Snapchat, and the messages you’ve exchanged with them will no longer be visible in your chat list. The messages won’t be removed from Snapchat’s servers, though, and the person you unfriended can still access them if they haven’t been deleted.

You can no longer communicate with someone through the app after unfriending them because they are simply removed from your friends list. They won’t receive a notification that you have unfriended them, but they will be able to tell when they try to message you or visit your profile that you are no longer their friend. If the person you unfriended has access to your contact details, they might still be able to get in touch with you by text or email.

Remember that you can always add the person back as a friend to get access to your previous messages if you change your mind.

Additionally, as a user, you have the option to delete the entire conversation or a single message before unfriending someone, so you won’t have to worry about them reading the entire exchange again.

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