How To Say Shut up in Russian

There are a few words you can use to request silence in Russian if you ever find yourself in such scenario. The most typical Russian equivalent of “shut up” is “аткниc” (zatknis’). This means “shut yourself up” in English, although it is frequently used in a manner akin to how “shut up” is used in English.

“Bez shutok,” which translates to “no kidding,” is another method to request silence in Russian. This expression is frequently used to advise someone to stop laughing and take themselves seriously.

Pozhaluysta, ne govori, which translates to “please, don’t speak,” is a courteous way to ask someone not to speak. If you’re attempting to be courteous, this term, which is more formal, is an excellent choice.

Overall, saying “аткнис” (zatknis’) is the most frequent approach to request silence in Russian. There are other possibilities accessible to you as well, albeit they depend on the circumstance and how you want to come across.

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